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Driveway Cleaning & More

Cleaning, Sealing, Stain Removal

Is your property being affected by discolored concrete surfaces? Green & Clean Pro has the solution!

Concrete cleaning is obligatory in keeping your surface looking clean and new. Concrete, stone, and brick tend to be porous and rough-textured, meaning they absorb and hold contaminating substances very easily. Our concrete cleaning method removes deep grime and washes away surfaces that are soaked in stains, leaving your durable surface bright and clean. To most effectively rid your surface of unwanted filth, we use a power washing method, involving high flow and low pressure, that instantly removes dirt and other buildup, achieving remarkable results, WITH NO STREAKING. Our “concrete” cleaning method can also be used on your property’s stone and brick surfaces

Driveway cleaning and stain removal

Concrete & Paver Sealing

Preventative Maintenance To Keep Your Paves Looking New.

Sealing is an excellent way in keeping your concrete and/or pavers looking as beautiful as the day it was poured or installed. This service can be applied to paver patios, pool decks, driveways, and walkways. All concrete pavers should be sealed because concrete is porous and can easily become discolored by absorbing stains. It is recommended that you get your concrete and/or pavers sealed every 3-5 years or once you begin to notice stained areas.

Benefits of Sealing: Sealing increases the longevity or the concrete or pavers, immensely upgrades curve appeal and overall appearance while adding value to your property, decreases cracking and flaking, and protects the surface from stains (like oil from a vehicle.)

We Can Remove Stains From The Following Type Surfaces




Concrete Surfaces


Brick Pavers


Stone and Masonry