Proper Grass Mowing Techniques

This article was posted on October 13, 2021

Let’s take a look into proper grass mowing techniques.

Now that you’ve gotten your home all cleaned up by the professionals of Green and Clean Pro, let’s take a look at making your lawn look amazing.

In addition, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best practices when it comes to properly maintaining your lawn to keep it looking as amazing as the rest of your property.

What Is The Proper Height For Your Grass?

Usually, as a rule of thumb, the proper height for your grass should be approximately 2 1/2 inches. Once your grass reaches 3 2/3 inches, then it is time to look into properly mowing it.

How Much Should I Cut Off?

Based upon the above recommendations, you should only but approximately 1/2 inch off your your grass.

When it comes to proper grass mowing techniques, you should think of your grass the same as the hair on your head.

Neither grass nor hair was ever intended to be cut. It should only be trimmed.

Doing so will ensure that your grass grows more uniformly and maintains its healthy green and soft texture throughout the growing season.

Should I Bag It Or Let It Fly?

I’ve personally done it both ways. However, there is plenty of proof to suggest that the clippings can provide a source of food and nutrients to the younger grass under it.

If you’re going to let your grass clippings fly, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Make sure your blade(s) on your equipment is sharp and maintained.

In addition, make sure NOT to mow when grass is wet, this promotes clumping of extra grass and weight on top of your young sprouts under it.

One of the leading expert’s in the area of lawn care has to be Scotts. Watch this short video below for some amazing tips on the proper maintenance and cutting techniques to your lawn.

Pattern Mowing Or Not?

While the video above suggest that it really doesn’t provide any benefit to developing pattern mowing, I am going to disagree with this portion of the video.

Over my nearly 50 years with yard maintenance experience, I have found that alternating your mowing patterns does help to promote a more even growth pattern to your grass.

I have a set of 3 patterns that I utilize on our lawn every season. I rotate them with each mowing session that takes place.

My proper grass mowing techniques consist of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal mowing. None of these patters are repeated twice in a row. They are alternated.

Thus in doing so, helps to ensure that the grass looks uniform and more even after cutting.

Best Equipment For Your Grass Mowing

I probably could start a war just on this topic alone. With there being so many varieties of lawn mowers and tractors available, is there really any one that truly stands out and shines when it comes to the proper mowing of your grass?

I’m a huge fan of Toro, Troy Bilt, and Lawnboy mowers as my top choices for properly cutting and maintaining my grass.

Besides the type of mower, it’s equally important to understand that properly maintaining your mower provides as much action in to the proper cutting of your grass as the actual technique.

Fall Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

Coming soon, I will be releasing an article that talks about how to properly do the final mowing of the year, as well as taking a look at some of the things you should do to prepare your lawn for the Winter season.

Furthermore, we’ll take a look at a few of the more popular weed and bug control herbicides and fertilizers that truly do work.

What are some of your favorite grass mowing techniques? Share them with us below.

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